back in the day...

The Medical-Merry-Go-Round

At 25, I graduated with my Masters’s degree as a PA, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to save lives. I thought that was it—I had it all, doing Trauma Surgery, ER, Urgent care, and Family Practice.

After years of participating in the Medical-Merry-Go-Round, I was burnt out, coupled with fatigue, acne, weight gain, etc. I needed answers and was desperate to find solutions to health issues no one talked about, so that's exactly what I did.

Fast forward through thousands of hours of research, trainings,  my unique surprise pregnancy, and listening to my heart- I finally found my happy place & passion in Pediatric Functional Medicine and now help women optimize their health before, during, and after pregnancy, for the best outcomes possible—and help guide you to care for your children in a functional and holistic style

I finally found my happy place

Oh baby!

You'll probably find me on my back deck sipping a margarita and looking at the mountains..... in between researching so I can continue to empower women to follow their intuition. My love is helping women optimize their health prior to, during, and after pregnancy for the best outcomes possible, and helping guide care for their children in a functional and holistic style.


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